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company brochure

President's Message

Spectra Design Ltd. develops technologies of nondestructive / noncontact inspection by using optical sensing since our establishment in 2004 in Japan. By delivering light with various wavelengths to the target object, we conduct an analysis and an inspection of it based on the differences of the reflections. Spectra Design enables detection which has been considered impossible by working actively in leading-edge optical measurement technical research and development. We also aim to develop a unique system to fulfill our customer's various needs. By using various light from ultraviolet to Terahertz, we provide the best solution to our customers.

President : Dr. Ryoichi Fukasawa

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Company name
Spectra Design Ltd.
285-1, Yuzukami Otawara, Tochigi, Japan 324-0403
TEL: +81-287-98-3066
FAX: +81-287-98-3067
1 October 2004
President Dr. Ryoichi Fukasawa
Number of Employees 10